Top tips for your student essentials IKEA trip

Your guide to stocking your room with some Swedish style

Starting your new life as a student – whether at home, in halls or shared accommodation – means you’ll probably want to make a few changes to your bedroom to make it feel your own.

Seeking some student-friendly Swedish inspiration? At Wolverhampton, you’re lucky that your local IKEA Wednesbury store is close by – and has student offers to boot.

Close to home

You don’t need to be studying geography to notice that so-called ‘IKEA Birmingham’ isn’t really in Birmingham! It’s only 6 miles from City Campus and a mere 2½ miles from Walsall Campus. While Telford may be a greater 25 miles away, it’s an easy drive along the M54/M6 to stock up.

Photo fun

Feeling frivolous? Need a break? Want some free fun? If you go as a group, why not recreate your favourite sitcom scenes in the showrooms? Find the best sofa for a ‘Friends’ photo, your own heavenly ‘Good Place’, or head to the office furniture for some ‘IT Crowd’ fun.

Sneaky cut-throughs

If you’re studying a mathematics degree, you’re probably already quite good at figuring out the quickest route from A to B… but whether you head to the showroom or straight to the warehouse, save time by ignoring the arrows and cutting through the areas you don’t need. You’ll save yourself some legwork, and probably money, too.

To hotdog, or not to hotdog?

If you don’t want to end up wasting your precious pounds on hotdogs, meatballs or dill crisps, make sure you eat before you go – and make a quick exit once you’ve bought your things to avoid the bistro!

Off your trolley

We know how tempting it is to grab a trolley when you hit that warehouse – but you can curb your spending by sticking to the big yellow bag, and only buying what you can carry. You’ll find it’s easier to fit in the car and in your room too…

Now, where did I park..?

If you’re studying sport, you might be happy parking further way than planned, but just make sure you remember where you left your car! Car sharing is great for the environment, and saving some cash, but make sure you can fit everyone, and everything, back in when you’ve finished shopping!

Know your knäckerbröd from your lördagsgodis

You know you’ll come home with an exotic mix of foodstuffs. If you’re into biosciences, you might be tempted to analyse them on a microscopic level, but we recommend celebrating your new international friends and the life linguistic and throwing a Eurovision party!

So if you head to IKEA, we hope we’ve given you some pointers to save some time and money. Make the most of their student deals, check out their uni essentials, and make sure you sign up for their free Ikea Family card to get special offers, free drinks, and an extra 10% off!


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