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Tamanda Golozera is flying high as one of the first females to graduate from the University of Wolverhampton's Aerospace Engineering course.

Tamanda, 35 from Donnington in Telford, is a mature student with two children and had always been fascinated by aircraft.

As a child growing up in Malawi, Tamanda flew to and from a boarding school known as Kamuzu Academy every term for six years and loved the experience of flying as well as being fascinated by the planes she flew in.  She originally wanted to be a pilot but couldn't afford the training.

She instead opted to study Law, with A Levels in Law, Geography, Economics and Biology. Tamanda was accepted onto the course and enrolled at Holborn College in London for a law degree which was affiliated with University of London, but her heart was still on wanting to train to become a pilot or do something that was related to planes. 10 years later, still wanting to do something in aviation, she followed her heart and started searching for aviation courses.

After looking on the internet for courses related to aviation, she found the Aerospace Engineering course at the University of Wolverhampton which focused on the design and build of aircraft. Tamanda was accepted onto the course and studied for a Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours) in Aerospace Engineering at the Telford Innovation Campus.

She said:  "It was a very demanding course but if you want to really challenge yourself, you can do it.  This degree will offer me the chance to do something I really want to do.

"Although it's been quite difficult juggling the demands of a family with studying, I have proved that I can do it. When you're passionate about something, you don't want to give up.  I'm hoping now to progress onto a postgraduate degree in Aerospace Manufacturing.

"I've gained lots of new friends and it has really improved my self-confidence, too. For those who think they can't do it, I'm an example."

Tamanda graduated with a 2:1 (upper 2nd Class) in Aerospace Engineering.


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