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Management Research Centre (MRC)

The Management Research Centre (MRC) based within the University of Wolverhampton Business School is focussed on research that provides solutions to current managerial issues and is relevant to specific professions and/or types of organisations.

We have a vibrant community of business researchers within the MRC assigned within designated research clusters:

The research clusters provide a guide to the areas within which we possess specialist knowledge and where we wish to continue to develop our expertise.

Research study

In focusing our research effort we are able to provide a study environment within which there is access to friendly support from peers with the same research interests. We prize our relationship with our PhD students and are always looking at ways of improving their study/research experiences. 

For more information on how you can study with us please visit research study.

Current projects

Current projects include the Gender-Equal Management Approach (GEMA). For more information about this project and downloadable documents,  follow the link to GEMA.