We offer a range of "How to..." talks and workshops covering general higher education topics, specifically targeted for year 11 and above. 

  • How to choose a course & the benefits of University
  • How to write a Personal statement
  • How to apply to University
  • How to apply for Student Finance & Budgeting tips
  • Why Wolverhampton talk
  • Skills for University Interviews 

The Student Recruitment team can deliver these in your school or college, as stand alone sessions as part of tutorial groups or subject sessions which can help to support the Gatsby Benchmarks. We can also run these talks as part of your Higher Education events such as careers fairs and parent events.

These talks can be tailored and combined to meet the needs of your students. Please get in touch with us to book these talks and discuss your requirements.  

Skills for Learning Workshops 

We are also offerring Student Support Sessions here at the University of Wolverhampton. These sessions will help students with academic skills whilst studying at Higher Edcuation.  These can be delivered at your school or college. Please get in touch with the team to find out more or ot make a booking.

Finding quality research

In this workshop, we will introduce effective searching techniques to help students locate quality resources for their work. We will also practise evaluating these resources, available through the internet.

Typical duration: 90 mins

Writing an academic essay

This workshop will take students through the important first stages of academic writing. They will learn strategies for answering complex assignment questions and get to grips with an academic style of writing.

Typical duration: 90 mins

Introduction to Referencing

This workshop encourages students to think about why plagiarism is relevant to university and the modern world, and how to avoid it through correct referencing.

Typical duration: 60 mins