Early 20th Century

By 1903, we had courses in coach building, house painting and pattern making and the register in 1904 indicates c1300 students in the Technical, High grade and Art school.

By 1905 ‘student scholarships’ were being offered to ‘prized’ students.

In 1912, the ‘Deanery House’ in Wulfruna Street was bought and the foundation stone of the major new buildings in Wulfruna Street was laid by Prince George in 1931.

The Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Technical College was born. Technical education in Wolverhampton was making its mark, and it was a time of hope and aspiration.

In 1933, the Wolverhampton Local Authority annual report states:

"The college makes ample provision for the general education of young men and women not privileged to obtain their higher education by residence at a University. Particularly it is the local home of higher scientific and industrial studies."

In addition to having a department for Chemical, Metallurgical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, we had a Women’s Department. Subjects such as Physical culture, Elocution and Languages were to be taught under the department Head (a Miss Dorothy Pearson)

By 1938/9 we recorded 2921 students on our annual statement to government. One third of those students were women.