Information for Partners and Prospective Partners

Here you will find useful information for current and prospective partners. In addition there is reference to our Collaborative Quality Forum (CQF) Meetings, Collaborative Quality newsletters and a number of ways to get in touch.

For further detail about Collaborative Activity at the University of Wolverhampton, please click here.


Useful documents:

Expression of interest UK and TNE partners (Word doc 48k)

For all other documents related to Partnership and Collaborative Activity with the University of Wolverhampton, please follow this link to our Quality and Collaboration Unit webpage here:

 Quality and Collaboration Unit


These include:

  • Documents relating to starting the Partnership process
  • Documents for new and existing partners
  • Link Tutor Report template
  • Information and Guidance around the Partner Review process
  • Information and documents relating to the termination of Collaborative Courses or Partnerships




Proposed CPQF meeting dates for 2021-22

  • 4th November 2021 @ 10.00am Teams Meeting
  • 3rd February 2022 @ 10.00am
  • 26th May 2022 @ 10.00am

Any queries in relation to this meeting please contact Schools and Colleges Partnerships Manager Angela Hind on 




Useful links:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) -  Introduction and Training