This FREE 3 day course will introduce you to the often overlooked and ‘disreputable’ genre of horror, its importance in popular culture and its role in reflecting society’s real-life fears and attitudes. There will be a strong focus on horror and the supernatural in film and television: using key media theory you will critically examine 1950s classics including Quatermass and the Pit through to the recent ‘elevated horror’ of modern chillers like Midsommar and Saint Maud.

DATE: 24th May 2022 - 14th June 2022

TIME: 10am - 3pm (Inc 1 hour break)

LOCATION: Stafford Regional Learning Centre

Lynn Butler is a Student Transition Teacher (STT) at the University of Wolverhampton working mainly in the School of Humanities. Lynn has a vocational background in journalism, having taught Journalism, Media and Film Studies at the university. Lynn's passions are for the media, the messages it sends us and how these impact our views of the world.