What is Student Voice?

We want you to have the best experience whilst studying with us. Speak up about your experience and influence how things are done at Wolverhampton.

It's important that every student feels heard, valued, respected and empowered to be an active member of the University of Wolverhampton community. Students are encouraged to engage with the university in a number of ways, throughout your academic career.  

We want to know:

  • what works, so we can keep doing it
  • what's important to you, so we can invest more in it
  • and where could we do better. 

 Speak up, promote change! 

What do we do to ensure your views make a difference at Wolves? 

Annual surveys, like NSS, are a great way for institutions to collate and analyse data on student satisfaction. But you don’t need to wait for a survey to get your voice heard. You can have your say all year round, in a variety of ways, including:

  • talk to your Personal Tutor or Academic Coach         
  • engage with your Course Rep
  • visit or contact your Faculty Student Service team
  • complete a feedback form or survey
  • engage in focus groups and UX workshops 
  • submit a 'Create Change' request, through the Students' Union 

Student Voice is not just one-way communication; it’s about enabling dialogue and creating space for collaboration. We work closely with the Student’s Union and the Academic Representation network to get a deeper understanding of your views. Key themes are also highlighted through your tutors and academic coaches, so regularly engaging with them can enhance your experience and the experience of future students.  


Both quantitative data (stats from surveys) and qualitative data (i.e. what you tell us) is collated, analysed and fed back to the relevant departments and areas. In particular, we're looking out for what's important to you, what's worked well, and what we can improve on.     

Your views are integral to the improvements we make to your course and to student services. We take on board what you say and ensure that the student voice is represented in key decision making across the university.  What you tell us can trigger a change in a process or system, help us develop our infrastructures and allow us to invest in areas that matter to you. What's more, engaging with our service users helps us to understand the impact of changes on your everyday experience.



Of course, it’s no good making improvements if you don’t know about it! We’ll communicate with you in a variety of ways throughout your academic journey. Visit the Student Voice main page to see some examples of what's been done and what we’re working on, all possible as a result of your feedback. 

Student Voice Policy

For more information about Student Voice at the University of Wolverhampton, please refer to our Student Voice Policy