Meet the team

Behind every great project there is a Project Manager and a PMO (Project Management Office) doing all that needs to be done to ensure the project delivers what it is supposed to deliver, when it is supposed to deliver it. The videos below introduce you to the people behind the Digital Campus Transformational Programme and what their roles within it entail.

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  • Nici Cooper, Assistant IT Director
  • Catherine Clift, Programme Coordinator
  • Louise Marchant, Programme Coordinator
  • Manisha Patel, Project Support Coordinator
  • Luke Bristow, Project Support Assistant
  • Ivan Hollins, Testing Lead
  • Stefan Ram, Engagement and Communications Lead

The PMs

  • Gareth Kirk, Senior Project Manager - Overall Digital Campus, EMA Project
  • Chris Haigh, Senior Project Manager, Personalised Timetabling and Room Booking Project
  • Bally Shoker, Project Manager, Digital Library Platforms Project
  • Hannah Cooper, Project Manager, Current Research Information System Project