Audio Visual kit

Audio Visual (AV) kit in teaching and meeting rooms

The Audio Visual equipment in teaching and meeting rooms has generally the same features, but can vary in different buildings. 

If using a room with an AV lecturn or cabinet, this will contain a PC that is connected to the large screen on the wall, a main control panel that you can plug your laptop into, and a document camera. You wil also find the sound controls here.

Our advice is always to make time to familiarise yourself with the AV kit you will be using before your teaching session or meeting. This is more important now that we are working and learning in a hybrid way. 

If you are in need of more help or have an urgent issue, use the AV phone and press the Arrow 'Up' button to access the speed dial to make a fast response ITS support call.

If this feature is not listed, please phone x2000 on an internal telephone or 01902 322000 using a mobile to report any technical issues with the AV kit.