Storage and Profiles

What is your Personal File Store?

  • It is a secure area allocated to you on a central server where staff and students can save their files.
  • You can access your personal file store from any computer with Internet access, either on or off campus.
  • Students get 1GB and Staff get 4GB of secure University storage space.

You must keep backups of any important files that you put in your personal file store.

Although automatic backups are taken daily, this is only to cover the unlikely event of a fault which causes total loss of the central file store. In this case, it should be possible to recover all files to their state as of the previous day, and prompt action will be taken to recover all files lost through server failure. However, IT Services will only consider the recovery of individual files, lost due to other causes, in exceptional circumstances. 

You are responsible 
for ensuring that you log on using your own username and password, and that you use the appropriate method of saving your files for the PC you are using.