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Graffiti artist gets honorary award in the can


An award-winning graffiti artist is in really good temper after being awarded an honorary degree by the University of Wolverhampton. 

Award-winning graffiti artist and aerosolic visionary Arron Bird, aka Temper, has been recognised for his commitment and contribution to art and for his phenomenal success across the globe working with major brands, galleries and creatives. 

Temper began his career in the mid-80s, influenced by Hip Hop music and B-Boy Culture. He did not have a classic art education and academia at school remained challenging with undiagnosed Dyslexia. He concentrated his creative efforts on break dancing, sketching and painting walls. 

Temper’s big break came in 1991 where he was invited to create a commission piece for global super brand Nike. This was the turning point for a young Temper and his creative genius had been recognised by a global business. A commission from Coca Cola quickly followed, where Temper’s design and tag appeared on 100 million Sprite cans across Europe, taking the lemonade market by storm and securing Sprite to the leading sales brand in that sector. Temper and graffiti as an art form was now being accepted by major brands, opening the door for other artists to develop a career and income from aerosol painting. 

Temper moved on from walls to canvas with invites to commercial galleries. Another first for the art form, he remains the only graffiti artist ever to exhibit in a Royal Palace, Whitehall Palace, London. 

His collectors and supporters include Saatchi & Saatchi, Jay-z, Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne, Roman Abramovich, Ian Wright and Tamara Ecclestone to name but a few. He has completed 28 sell out iconic collections and has used his art to raise money for a number of children’s charities. He is the creator of The Lovely People in Birmingham’s iconic The Cube building and has created several other high profile public art projects across the UK. 

The University of Wolverhampton presented a Doctor of Arts to Temper at a graduation ceremony on Monday 13 September 2021.  

Temper said: “I’m so very honoured to receive this award, it is one of my proudest moments to date. Dr Temper has a real ring to it and I thank everyone in Wolverhampton for their support of me and my art over so many years.” 

The University of Wolverhampton graduation ceremonies are taking place at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton from Thursday 9 September – Friday 17 September 2021.   

The 17 ceremonies will see over 3,000 students who completed their studies in 2020 collect their awards.   

 It is the first time the University has held a graduation ceremony since December 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.   





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