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Project Support Office

The Project Support Office coordinates the University’s research and innovation project work, including raising awareness of opportunities, a proposal support service, partner and funding searches, project management and governance and research-enterprise development.

In the Project Support Office you will find experts that are passionate about the impact that is possible from knowledge exchange. How research and innovation can change lives, help business and improve understanding of a society that is constantly changing. You will find a total of 112 years’ experience bidding for funding and similarly technical advice on how to deliver your projects.

With access to Local, National, European and Global academic and partner networks we help realise the Research and Innovation priorities of our Faculties and Research Centres.

For general enquiries our main contact details are: or ring us on 01902 323819

Finding Funding

If you have an idea for a project or research proposal, but you don’t know which organisations might be interested in funding the activity, you can contact your Funding Information and Research Officer (FIRO), who will offer advice and guidance, and support you to conduct funding searches using our funding database subscriptions.  They can also provide training on these databases to enable you to get the most out of them.

The more your FIRO knows about your research interests or project ideas, the more they can tailor searches to help you find the right funder.

FIROs can also work with Research Groups to help develop funding plans to support you to identify the funding routes and options that you may, collectively, wish to target over a 3 – 5 year period.

Helen Fowler is your FIRO Contact - Telephone Number 01902 321671 

What we do to help

The Project Bidding Development team provide advice and guidance for your commercial and research projects: 

  • We work with you to develop your applications by providing advice and guidance
  • Support you through the submission process of both the University and Funder
  • Our specialities are based around the funding streams; we will partner you with to the most suitable bid developer depending on the funding stream you are applying to and type of bid you are intending to submit.
  • Central hub of expertise for bidding and grant applications 

        'our knowledge and understanding of income opportunities and future developments will strengthen your chance of success'  


Funding Subscriptions

The Project Support Office subscribe to a number of funding databases and organisations in order to be able to effectively support bidding activity.

If you would like us to search for funding for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Project Support Office Team by contacting us on or 01902 32 1671.

As a University, we subscribe to some online resources where all staff can set up accounts. You can subscribe to the websites below to search funding opportunities and policy news and, to set up alerts which are customised to your needs.


Research Professional and Funding Insight

The University of Wolverhampton has an institutional subscription to Research Professional which is a large searchable research funding database covering a broad range of disciplines and a new service, Funding Insight. Funding Insight contains useful resources to support bid development including 'know how' guides and interviews with successful bidders and those who will be assessing submissions. In addition to providing searchable funding opportunities, registered users can subscribe to receive regular newsletters and ‘funding alerts’ covering issues affecting the international research community.

You can access the website from on a University Campus without registering but will not be able to customise and save information.

You can register via the Research Professional website

Guides and support for getting started with Research Professional can be accessed here


The UK Research Office (UKRO)

The UK Research Office (UKRO) is the European office of the UK Research Councils.

UKRO’s mission is to promote effective UK engagement in EU research, innovation and higher education activities, by:

  • Enabling the UK research community to make informed decisions about participation in EU programmes and to maximise the opportunities available to them;
  • Supporting UK input into European research policy development and implementation through informing and interfacing with the appropriate bodies; and
  • Developing and maintaining a suite of quality services that meet the evolving needs of sponsors and subscribers.

The Office operates on a membership basis, receiving subscriptions from universities and other research organisations in the UK, as well from some non-UK organisations.

The University of Wolverhampton are a subscribing member so staff can register and use the subscriber services section of the website, browse EU funding opportunities and policy updates and, set up alerts.

Register at

A guide to support you in getting started can be accessed here



GrantFinder is a one-stop-shop of funding information, a service that contains thousands of funding opportunities. As well as research and development opportunities, there are a wide range of projects including facilities build, partnership working, business and community engagement, spin-off support and more. Use GrantFinder to keep up to date with the latest funding updates, set up email alerts and news alerts to receive regular updates on new and relevant funds.

Contact to request access to the service -

Help with Bidding

PSO can provide expert advice and guidance to support you with your bid from idea stage through to submission, contracting and beyond.  We have experts in different funding streams who have in-depth knowledge of funders and funder requirements, and can offer a range of support that can be tailored to your needs.

If your bid is under £50,000, and you are based in a Faculty or Research Institute, you can contact your Funding Information and Research Officer (FIRO) direct for support.  If you haven’t yet met your FIRO, below gives details of who to contact:

If your bid is over £50,000, or you are in an area not listed above, please contact us on or 01902 32 3819, so we can identify the person in the department best placed to support you based on your needs.

PSO can help with:

  • Supporting you to develop your idea to ensure fit with funder requirements
  • Advice and guidance regarding a funder/call/opportunity
  • Developing initial costings and budgets for your project, in liaison with Finance
  • Providing critical review at key bid writing stages
  • Assistance with obtaining University legal and financial information for inclusion in bids as required by the funders ( e.g. EU PIC number, DUNS number, VAT registration number University legal status etc.)
  • Advice and guidance regarding the University and Faculty level bidding processes
  • Technical assistance and training for funder bid submission systems
  • Completing technical eligibility checks bids before submission to ensure adherence to funder guidelines

We also have the role of Institutional approver on funder submission systems, such as JES.  Therefore, if you are developing a bid that needs to be submitted through a funder system requiring this additional level of institutional approval, please contact PSO as soon as possible to allow us to ensure there is someone available to review and approve when you are ready to submit.


Our Services

The Project Support Office provides technical expertise, resources and support to maintain project and contract compliance and through strategic collaboration with our University Research and Business Engagement teams.

We Provide

  • Technical Expertise and best practise advice
  • Funding and Contractual advice and guidance
  • Compliance and Audit Support
  • Independent Monitoring and project assurance
  • Liaison With Funders
  • Support to develop project skills within teams

'Supporting collaboration - working with you to deliver your projects successfully!'


Your main contact for Support with your project Lee Smith on 01902 323905 or on email:

PCB provides an integrated and consistent approach to costing projects and gaining University approval for all research and commercial projects through to bid/tender submission.


Your contact for PCB is or call 01902 322200

In order to brief staff about bidding processes and specific funding systems and schemes, the Project Support Office offer workshops and briefings within the University. We also signpost colleagues to external events that we feel may be beneficial.

We email our target audience directly for all workshops and events.


If you would like to join our contacts list to receive email updates of training and events that may be of interest to you, please contact us at

Here are some of the ways we assist senior management and academic staff in the income generation, collaborative research and to improve their access to EU funding:

  • Finding a path of opportunity through the EU institutions
  • Providing intelligence and advance warning of EU policy and funding developments specifically focusing on the funding programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020.
  • Raising the profile of the University of Wolverhampton, its research base and individual academics with key policy makers and funders in the EU and organisations across the EU.
  • Creating links through networking, brokerage events and partner searches with other European regions, R&D liaison officers and National Contact Points in support of transnational project development.
  • Facilitating training on the European funding, proposal development and bid writing.
  • Providing proposal development services to the academic staff at the University of Wolverhampton.
  • Delivering partner searches for the European funding proposals and approved projects.
  • Offering placement opportunities for the graduates, doctorate students and research staff.


For Partner Searches - Euraxess - Researchers in Motion Contact