Eating Behaviour Psychology (EBP)

The group offers an interdisciplinary forum for research on eating behaviour across a range of contexts, for the development of research projects, applying for relevant research funding, and informing practitioners and organisations on practice and policy development where appropriate.

The group have partnerships in weight management NHS trust services in Birmingham and Sunderland, with the faculty of clinical health psychology: Psychologists in Weight Management Network, and with charitable groups.


Emotional Eating, intervention development, feeding, weight management, mindful eating, assessment of eating behaviour, experience of weight management services, stigmatisation of obesity.

Recent publications

  • Initial Validation of the Mindful Eating Scale.
  • Drug use in weight management.
  • British-English translation of the Food Craving inventory (FCI-UK).
  • Advisory report to Psychologists in Weight Management.

Current Projects

  • Long term maintenance of weight loss for bariatric surgery patients and those who have used weight management services.
  • Development of a mindfulness based intervention for Chocolate Craving.
  • The use of food for emotional regulation in Binge Eating Obese population: A systematic review.


NIHR small grants fund for Patient engagement in research (Tracey Devonport & Wendy Nicholls).


Wendy Nicholls, Tracey Devonport, Andy Lane, Darren Chadwick, Carol Cullen, Claire Parkes, Robin Gutteridge, Marcia Blake, Magi Sque, James Banks, Sindeep Lehl.


Those interested in joining our discussions, please contact