Evolution and Human Behaviour Research Group

The Evolution and Human Behaviour Special Interest Research Group (SIRG) adopts an evolutionary perspective to understanding human behaviours such as interpersonal relationships, online behaviour, and interpersonal violence, falling under the Applied Cognition and Individual Differences research cluster. The group was established in March 2019 and has members varying in their academic careers. The group contains undergraduate members, 3 graduate members, 4 academic members from Psychology and members from outside the department, including Dr. Hughes (Sheffield Hallam University), Dr Farrelly (University of Worcester), and Prof. Manktelow (Emeritus Prof, University of Wolverhampton). The group is inclusive and encourages undergraduate student involvement and membership. We encourage research involvement and actively support/mentor student members in academic writing and publishing. 

Recent publications

Hira, S., & Bhogal, M. S. (in press). Predicting Facebook jealousy in romantic relationships: Further support for attachment style and trust. Current Psychology, 10.1007/s12144-020-01115-2 

Bhogal, M. S., & Bartlett, J. E. (2020). Further support for the role of heroism in human mate choice. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences. 10.1037/ebs0000230 

Bhogal, M. S., Farrelly, D., Galbraith, N., Manktelow, K., & Bradley, H. (2020). The role of altruistic costs in human mate choice. Personality and Individual Differences, 160. doi.org/10.​1016/​j.​paid.​2020.​109939

Bhogal, M. S., Rhead, C., & Tudor, C. (2019). Understanding digital dating abuse from an evolutionary perspective: Further evidence for the role of mate value discrepancy. Personality and Individual Differences, 151, 109552. 10.1016/j.paid.2019.109552


A general funding grant from the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (2020-21).


For further information, please contact Dr Manpal Bhogal (m.s.b2@wlv.ac.uk.).