Pain Special Interest Research Group (P-SIRG)

The Pain Special Interest Group was created in 2016 to respond to the need for more research into the causes, management and prevention of chronic pain and to discover how people suffering with pain could be cared for more effectively. Our group consists of Psychologists, Pain nurses, an orthopaedic surgeon, an anaesthetist (pain specialist), a pharmacist, a biomedical scientist, a medical statistician, a gynaecologist and obstetrician and a linguist.


  • Development of a biopsychosocial framework for effective pre and post-operation pain management.
  • Linguistic indicators of pain before and after pain neuroscience education.
  • The role of nutrition and lifestyle on chronic pain.
  • The Relationship between Fatigue, pain and absenteeism and accident proneness among construction workers.


  • Dr Abigail Taiwo – Clinical Psychologist and Pain researcher/practitioner (University of Wolverhampton)  – Lead –
  • Dr Vinay Ketkar – Consultant- Orthopaedic and sport Physician (NHS)
  • Dr Uwubamwen Nosa – Consultant gynaecology and Obstetrics Anaesthetist (NHS) -
  • Dr Meera Tewani – Anaesthetist and Pain Specialist (NHS)
  • Dr Tom Mercer – Cognitive psychologist (University of Wolverhampton)
  • Dr Niall Galbraith – Health Psychologist  (University of Wolverhampton)
  • Dr Ojo Opeolu – Biomedical Scientist (University of Wolverhampton) -
  • Dr Irina Moore - Psycholinguistics (University of Wolverhampton)
  • Dr Waseem Kaialy – Pharmacist ((University of Wolverhampton)
  • Dr Chinyio Ezekiel - Construction and Built environment specialist (University of Wolverhampton)
  • Dr Paul Wilson – Medical Statistician (University of Wolverhampton)
  • Dr Lelanie Smook – Birmingham community healthcare NHS Foundation   Trust
  • Dr Gavin Ward (University of Wolverhampton)
  • Dr Tchuenbou-Magaia, Fideline – Food technologist and specialist in the application of formulation engineering to develop new products –(University of Wolverhampton)

Doctoral Student members

Research title: The lived experience of withdrawn benefit and its psychological implication: the perspectives of the assessors and people living with chronic pain (PLWCP) condition.

Supervisory team: Dr Abigail Taiwo, Dr Gavin Ward

  • Sukhwinder Jugpal -

Title: The relationship between long term pain and trauma: Utilising a grounded theory approach to create a screening tool for pain management.

Supervisory team: Dr Daniel Hinton, Dr Abigail Taiwo

  • Laura Buzzing -

Title: Exploring the culturally informed coping strategies in the self-management of pain among chronic pain patients

Supervisory team: Dr Abigail Taiwo, Dr Lelanie Smook, Dr Irina Moore