Festival for Art, Technology & Society

9 - 13 Sept

In Kepler's Gardens
A global journey to survey the 'new' world

A journey on which we do not set off, but rather our ideas and projects that create a global network in which we gather to discuss what needs to be done.

Autonomy - Democracy
Ecology - Technology

 "Kepler's Gardens" is also the metaphor for the organizational principle of the festival in global lockdown: a festival that will not dive into the network and disappear there, but emerge from the network and manifest itself in many places around the world, distributed and networked. In many places - starting from Linz - with partners from the extraordinarily large international network of Ars Electronica, which has grown over 40 years, “real” events will be held with “real” artists and scientists for “real” audiences will take place, which will network from 9 to 13 September to form a festival.

With this simultaneity and duality of local-physical and globally-networked events, Ars Electronica will once again become an exciting test laboratory and prototypes for next-level networking, which is primarily about new forms and possibilities of fusion and Coexistence of analog and digital, of real and virtual, of physical and telematic proximity. Last but not least, “Keplers Gardens” is also a clear commitment to science and a fact-based and responsible way of dealing with one another, a statement for science and art, not just as fuel for the economy, but as the basis for culture and civilization.


The Identifying Successful STARTS Methodologies research project has worked in collaboration with the STARTS Prize and Ars Electronica. The afternoon of STARTS (Science + Technology + ARTS) begins with an introduction to the project, and includes an artist-scientist roundtable; with speakers from the BeAnotherLab Art Collective, artist Pei-Ying Lin, designer Giulia Tomasello, and scientists Dr Miranda de Graaf and Tommaso Busolo - held against the backdrop of the Identifying Sucessful STARTS Methodologies Exhibition at the Made in Wolves Gallery, University of Wolverhampton in the UK, that includes the installation of Pei-Ying Lin's Virophilia (2018-2020) and Giulia Tomasello's Future Flora project. There will also be work from designer Jen Keane from her This is Grown project. Dr Martin Khechara from the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Dr Richard Glover from the School of Performing Arts will be facilitating the event.

Link to roundtable discussion >>Mapping Collaborative Practices


STARTS Exhibition Tour at KEPLER GARDENS, Linz, Austria

Link to Exhibtion tour >> Ars Electronica Festival 2020


Video journeys of the artists involved in the roundtable discussion, Pei-Ying Lin, Giulia Tomasello and BeAnotherLab Art Collective; introduced by Dr Denise Doyle.

STARTS Video Journey: Giulia Tomasello - On a Journey with Alma

Future Flora, STARTS Prize Winner 2018

STARTS Video Journey: BeAnotherLab - Between

Library of Ourselves, STARTS Prize Honorary Mention 2017

STARTS Video Journey: Pei-Ying Lin - Communication with the Invisible

Virophilia, STARTS Prize Honorary Mention 2020


Link to Video Journeys >>Artist Journeys

A short film by Giulia Tomasello as part of her Future Flora project >> Future Flora