Bethany Borg

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Boo was living in Malta before she decided to move back to the UK to follow her ambition to study animation.

She graduated in 2017 and wanted to be a generalist animator. Whilst studying, she worked as a freelancer in between modules and continued to do so after graduation before deciding to jump into Digital Marketing.

From 2017 to 2019 she worked on various animations and motion graphics for social Media campaigns – working on the whole production process and driving traffic whilst creatively working with content to bring it to life in new and interesting ways. 

In order to expand creatively Boo set up as a limited company. Currently, she is working on some idents for the SYFY channel and a project for Universal, as well as various social media marketing animations.

We caught up with Boo to discuss what she is up to now, her favourite aspect of the course and her advice to current students.

 Bethany Borg BA (Hons) Animation graduate, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

I am a 2D and motion graphics animator interested in all things weird and quirky. I enjoy exploring various techniques and trying new things and exploring various illustrative styles in my work. After focusing in digital marketing I’ve gone on to expand my field and now work full time as a freelance animator.

I am working as a freelance Motion Graphics and 2D animator, focused on marketing. I've had the pleasure to work with various brands on both TV idents and social media content, including Nickelodeon, Universal and SYFY and am now focusing on varying the type of content I create and branching out into working on my own start up studio to facilitate more clients and a variety of work.

The University of Wolverhampton is where I really came into myself creatively and turned what had mostly been a hobby and pipe-dream into the possibility of reality. A time I was able to discover what I wanted for my future and have the freedom to explore what I wanted at my own pace.

Filled with wonderful and supportive people, for the 3 years I was there I was able to explore my creative direction and get the support needed to drive myself forward and continuously strive for more. It was a wonderful place to kickstart my career and really helped me realise that yes, animation is something that I want to move forward with in life, as well as being achievable

I was able to meet likeminded people and be in such a creative environment while cultivating friendships throughout the course and afterwards. During my course I was also able to work freelance in my own time as well as various placements, and was encouraged while doing this. Another great thing was the equipment available, both in our course studio as well as for available to borrow from the store, which I often did over the holidays.

Be willing to work on your own initiative. While the lecturers and facilities were great, I think it is just as important to have a goal in mind of what you want to achieve and take advantage of what is offered to be help you achieve your goals.