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Merika Graduated the BA (Hons) Animation in 2015, in addition to her creative abilities Merika was extremely organised and efficient and making things happen. Merika worked as a Set Production Assistant, and a Runner before landing herself a Production Assistant role at MPC London.

She has gone on to become a Pre-Vis Coordinator at The Third Floor Inc, and has worked on some pretty major feature films.

We caught up with Merika to discuss what she is up to now, her favourite aspect of the course and her advice to current students.

 Merika Sam-German BA (Hons) Animation graduate, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

I made some lifelong friends on my course. Although we don't live very close to one another we make the effort to see each other when we have some time off of work, video calls etc. and they are some of my closest friends. The people on my course were great, the timing was just perfect, and we all got along so well. There are so many memories I couldn't possibly chose just one but honestly, if I could go back and start the course all over again from start to finish I would, with the same people too.

My lecturers were the absolute best! Especially Emily and Sam. Both inspiring and knowledgeable about their field. I felt supported and l could speak openly and freely if I was ever struggling with anything. They will never steer you wrong.

After I graduated, I did a placement in Prague for 3 months working for a company called CIANT, who research new technologies and find interesting ways to use them in the arts and entertainment industry.

Currently I am working as a Production Manager for a visualisation company called The Third Floor Inc. The company basically visualises what a film will look like before it goes into production. So we would provide them with a team of animators who will animate a sequence or multiple sequences from the film or TV show and then we collate those shots into an edit which is to be presented to the Director who will then give us feedback on any amendments.

Clients include companies such as Disney; Marvel; Warner Bros.; Apple TV; Netflix etc.

My job role is to ensure that animators are delivering shots and hitting deadlines; scheduling; reports; client correspondence; managing the artists. On bigger films, our clients sometimes require us to be on-set as they like to have us close as it makes communication easier and when they need something to be prevised quickly, we are literally about 5mins from set.

I started off as a Runner at MPC London in 2016 and after about 4 months I was promoted to a Production Assistant position working on Pirates of the Caribbean 5. I worked as a PA at MPC for roughly 18 months until I started a new job as a Production Coordinator at Technicolor in 2018 and I was there for 8 months. I then moved on to work as a Coord at TTF and its just a perfect fit. The team are amazing, management really support their staff and it is a healthy working environment. To be honest, after working in Pre-production I can't see myself going back to Post-production.

If you live in the London area, TTF are always looking for new talent and we are a really friendly team so have a look at their website and if you like what you see don't hesitate to apply and be sure your showreel has your best and latest work :)

Wolverhampton University will provide you with all of the necessary information and tools to succeed so take this opportunity to soak up all the information you can but also be sure to do your own further research and develop your skill set.