Mitchell Broomhall

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Mitch loved art and design, and loved the idea of bringing art to life. 
After graduating in Animation in 2018 he continued to develop his own style of design which in 2019 got him a job as an Instructional Designer for the AA. 

Mitch is flourishing and daily creates internal promotional films and animations, as well as e-learning and training material. Daily he explores and develops new and exciting technology for learning in the form of gamification, AR and VR.

We caught up with Mitch to discuss what he is up to now, his favourite aspect of the course and his advice to current students.

Mitchell Broomhall BA (Hons) Animation graduate, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

I have always had an interest in art and film and studying animation at Wolverhampton university combined them both. I was able to be experimental with animation styles which led me to look outside typical animation for careers after graduating, I continued developing my style and researching career paths. I then found the world of training and development where I'm able to create engaging illustrations and animations on a daily basis for training purposes while still having the freedom to experiment with design.

I'm currently an Instructional Designer for the AA, who designs and creates training courses with Articulate software. Daily I manage stakeholders and SME's during different projects that range from bitesize and promotional videos and animations, to eLearning and training programmes. My role gives me the freedom to explore new and existing software to enhance digital training and development.

My favourite memory of studying at Wolverhampton was getting the chance to visit and experience animation studios during a trip to Dublin, where we were able to see first hand what animators do on a day to day basis and ask any questions we had, giving us an insight into the industry.

Studying at Wolverhampton would provide you with the opportunity to explore your interests, without limiting you and gives you the help and guidance you need to make a great start in your chosen career. 

Wolverhampton allowed me to explore my interests and the industry, experiment with different media and learn a range of skills in order to develop my creativity and style. I graduated, fully equipped with the knowledge and experience which led to me to secure my current role.