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Ceramics Facilities

Ceramics Facilities

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The Ceramics facilities at Wolverhampton are among the best equipped in the country. Our BA (Hons) Glass and Ceramics and MA Design and Applied Arts (Ceramics) students have the opportunity to experience a broad range of techniques to realise their creative aspirations.

Virtual tour of the Ceramics Facilities

Click on the image below and take a tour around our facilities, please note the Mattertag hotspots (white circles with a dark blue outline) – these contain information about specific equipment, images, videos and more.

Facilities include

Our purpose built workshop includes:
  • Throwing area with 6 Roderveld wheels and 2 Radcliffe wheels
  • Slab roller and extruder
  • Plaster workshops
  • 2 Slip casting blungers
  • Jigger and jolly machine, Extruder and Slab roller
  • Glaze room with water backed spray booth
  • Kiln room with 12 electric kilns and 2 gas kilns
  • Outdoor kiln yard with 2 Raku kilns and smoke firing facilities
  • Architectural ceramics area where students can develop large scale work with green brick
  • Two large studio spaces, with individual desk space
  • All workshops have dedicated Technical assistance
Kiln Room, including:
  • 2 Test kilns,
  • 5 Drum kilns
  • 3 Front loading kilns
  • 2 Large trolley kilns
  • 2 Laser gas kilns
Outdoor kiln area: 
  • 2 Raku kilns
  • An area for brick built sawdust, smoke firing
Glaze Room:
  • Fully equipped with over 100 raw materials
  • Water backed spray booth
  • 4 Individual extraction units
Clay Store:
  • Fully stocked with 11 different clays, earthenware, stoneware, smooth and grogged.
  • Large range of ceramic underglazes, onglazes and oxides
  • Extensive range of Glass materials.
Plaster Workshops:
  • Two large mould making tables, with drying cupboard
  • Fully equipped loss wax casting area: 2 x Steamers, 2 x Wax melting kettles, 2 x Vinamold melting kettles and 2 x Extraction booths
  • Equipped model making workshop: Bandsaw, Oscillating sander, Pillar drill, 2 x Lathes and an electric Whirler
Other facilities:
  • 3D Computer-Aided Design suite and studios
  • Silk Screen Printmaking facilities used to extend surface applications
  • Digital decal printing facilities
  • Laser cutting, wood, Metal and Plastics facilities

3D Printing with clay

A demonstration of our latest 3D printing technology in operation – one of the many outstanding facilities we have in Wolverhampton.

In Focus

Learn about Ceramics' facilities in more detail

Including our Plaster workshops, Throwing area, Glaze room, Kiln room, Raku yard and Studios.

In Addition

We have a specialist in-house digital printing service – the Print Support Hub. Alongside a Media Store with dedicated kit for all Wolverhampton School of Art students. We even have our own Art Materials Shop, which stocks an extensive range of art materials.

Wood, Metal and Plastics Workshops

Large individual Wood, Metal and Plastics workshops with specialised technical support. Plastics modelling workshop offers laser cutter/engraving machine, 3D printers and Vacuum forming machine. Wood workshop has four specialist circular saws and a large scale CNC Router. Metals workshops contains MIG, TIG, Spot and Plasma cutters and Lathes.

Print Support Hub 

The Print Support Hub is a technically supported, open access area. It offers all School of Art students a range of specialist printers that are capable of printing onto a vast array of different materials.


  • A3 Risograph printer
  • 2 medium format high-end Epson printers (A4, A3, A3+ and A2)
  • Large format thermal lithographic printer
  • Large Format Mimaki textile printer
  • Large Format Mimaki textile printer

The room also offers two large format scanners that will scan artwork up to A0 size.

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Wolverhampton School of Art, George Wallis Building, University of Wolverhampton

Media Stores

The Media Stores is a fantastic facility providing free access to equipment for a variety of courses throughout the Wolverhampton School of Art. Including specialist photographic and digital media equipment.

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Art Materials Shop

The Wolverhampton School of Art's art materials shop stocks an extensive range of art materials, including paints, brushes, sketchbooks, portfolios, and much more.

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