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BA (Hons) Glass and Ceramics and MA Design and Applied Arts (Glass) students have access to one of the largest, best equipped glass-making facilities in Europe, giving students the opportunity to experience a broad range of techniques to realise their creative aspirations.

Virtual tour of the Glass facilities

Click on the image below and take a tour around our facilities, please note the Mattertag hotspots (white circles with a dark blue outline) – these contain information about specific equipment, images, videos and more.

Facilities include

 Our Hot Shop contains:

  • 2 recuperated pot furnaces for blowing and casting
  • Glory-holes and lehrs
  • Automated glass press and centrifuge
  • 1 of Europe’s largest hot glass casting kilns at 2 m x 1m.
  • Many of the moulds used are created in our own resin-sand mould-making workshop.

Our cold processing room contains:

  • A full range of linishers, cutting and polishing lathes 
  • Flat-bed grinders 
  • Diamond glass drill 
  • Lapidary saws 
  • A diamond band saw 
  • 4 vibra-lap machines 
  • Pneumatic hand grinders and engravers 
  • An industrial diamond milling machine

The kiln room contains:
A large plaster model and mould-making workshop to realise forms in plaster, wax and thermo-set rubber which then can be taken into refractory castable moulds for lost wax casting and glass slumping.

Other facilities:
18 kilns, ranging in size from small scale jewellery to large scale casting and architectural kilns.

Glass blowing facilities

One of our graduates describes, in depth, the process of working with glass – alongside the outstanding facilities we have in Wolverhampton.

In Focus

Learn about our Glass facilities in more detail

Including our Hot Glass Workshop, Cold Process, Glass Kiln Room and Studios.

In Addition

We have a specialist in-house digital printing service – the Print Support Hub. Alongside a Media Store with dedicated kit for all Wolverhampton School of Art students. We even have our own Art Materials Shop, which stocks an extensive range of art materials.

Print Support Hub 

The Print Support Hub is a technically supported, open access area. It offers all School of Art students a range of specialist printers that are capable of printing onto a vast array of different materials.


  • A3 Risograph printer
  • 2 medium format high-end Epson printers (A4, A3, A3+ and A2)
  • Large format thermal lithographic printer
  • Large Format Mimaki textile printer
  • Large Format Mimaki textile printer

The room also offers two large format scanners that will scan artwork up to A0 size.

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Wolverhampton School of Art, George Wallis Building, University of Wolverhampton

Media Stores

The Media Stores is a fantastic facility providing free access to equipment for a variety of courses throughout the Wolverhampton School of Art. Including specialist photographic and digital media equipment.

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Art Materials Shop

The Wolverhampton School of Art's art materials shop stocks an extensive range of art materials, including paints, brushes, sketchbooks, portfolios, and much more.

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Facilities Gallery

Choose from a selection of images and videos (below) that showcase our glass making facilities: