Traditional Printmaking Workshops, Wolverhampton School of Art, George Wallis Building, University of Wolverhampton

Traditional Print Workshops

Traditional Print Workshops

The Traditional Print workshops offer a range of printing facilities, using different process techniques.

  • Silkscreen printing
    ◆ 6 oversized A1 printing beds
    ◆ A four-colour carousel for T-shirt printing
  • Relief printing
    A range of Columbian Eagle and Albion presses used for linoleum and woodblock
  • Etching
    A number of Etching Presses with aquatinting and acid etching facilities
  • Intaglio printing
    Intaglio presses are used for engraving, etching, mezzotint, aquatint and drypoints

In Focus

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Including our Screen printing workshop, Relief Printing facilities and Etching/Intaglio print room.

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