The influence of Sexuality on Design: Workshop and Discussion 

LGBT+ History Month / The influence of Sexuality on Design: Workshop and Discussion

The influence of Sexuality on Design: Workshop and Discussion.

An open discussion workshop will facilitate a healthy dialogue about the influence of sexuality on design. 

The University of Wolverhampton presents a virtual session that will open our minds to the prejudices, stereotypes and lack of identity that 3D designs may incur through sexuality, culture, race and religion. 

We will be joined by queer fine artist Nandini Moitra who will discuss their experiences in India and as a queer fine artist and their perceptions on being queer in a creative industry

Lecturers and students will have an input into the subject matter for the day, making this a relevant topic to making the school of art a more inclusive organisation. The knowledge gained will help designers open the possibilities and opportunities for a more creative society. 

This was recorded on 24th February 2012.

Black History Month 2020, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

We are embracing Black History Month beyond the confines of a single month. Our intention is for Black History Month to transcend seasonality and 'tokenism’ so that the original initiative itself is eventually no longer required.

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