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Key Worker Courses

The University of Wolverhampton is one of the largest providers of nursing, health and teacher courses in the West Midlands.

Become a key worker with the University of Wolverhampton

If you’ve been inspired by the UK’s frontline heroes this year, there’s no better place to study than at the University of Wolverhampton.

Whether you’re an undergraduate or a postgraduate, our key worker courses offer world-class facilities, supportive teaching, and a wide choice of placement opportunities.

We’ll be recruiting for many of these courses in September, as we prepare to train our next inspiring cohort of skilled key workers.

We back you to choose a career that makes a real difference, with us.

Why study with us?

Our Nursing courses offer state-of-the-art facilities and newly developed skills centres that favour hands-on teaching through working aids and models. Your practical work will take place in simulated hospital wards, a GP room, two bedded assessment areas and a home environment.

Gain the knowledge and experience you’ll need for a rewarding career in Social Care, in areas such as care management, supported living, an early years setting, policy research, development and advocacy, and supporting young people, people with a learning disability, and older people.

Our Social Work courses prepare you with realistic scenarios based in practice settings and up to 5 days “shadowing,” to prepare you for your career with both theory and practical experience.

These courses are run by teaching teams and are ideal for students seeking a career that enhances people’s lives at a personal level.

Our four teacher training departments provide graduates with an excellent 97% employability and long-term prospects in primary, secondary, and post-compulsory education. All of our teacher trainers are former teachers themselves and we have over 500 working partnerships with local early years settings, schools, and colleges – perfect for placements.

Our Emergency Management & Resilience Centre offers specialist courses in emergency planning, resilience and disaster management. The courses tackle the multi-agency needs of preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies in a rapid, collaborative and effectively manner.