A new student’s guide to Black Country lingo

If your family has lived in the Black Country for generations you might take for granted that you know your fizzog (face) from your faggots (meatballs with offal).

But if you’re new to Wolverhampton – whether from the UK or beyond, we thought a brief guide to the language of the Black Country might just help make you feel more at home when you start your studies.

Start by adding more ahhh, oooh, eeee  and errr sounds and then see if you can understand some of the more colourful phrases…


Am = Are

"Am ya comin’ out?"

Ar = Yes

"Ar, but Chesney…

Ay = Haven’t/ isn’t

…‘ee ay gooin’

Bost = Broken

…cuz  ‘ee bost iz leg."

Bostin’ = Good/ brilliant

"Bostin’ yow can come though. That Chesney!

Barmpot = a silly person

…eez a real barmpot."

Bab = considered friendly: you/baby

"Alright bab, let’s go…

Cake-hole = Mouth

…‘shove that in your cake-hole and hurry up!"

Chunter = grumble under your breath

"Yam! No need t’ chunter."

Cock/cocka = mate, friend

"Y’aright cock?...

Council pop = water (from a tap to drink)

…’ere, ‘av a glass o’ Council pop…

Got a cob on = having a foul mood

…yow got a right cob on…

Dai/day = didn’t/ don’t

…yow dai seem t’tek a joke lately…

Fizzog = face

…with a frown on yer fizzog."

Gaffer = boss or wife/husband/partner

"It’s me gaffer!

Gammy = lame/ broken/ sore

..ee’s ‘ad such a gammy arm since ee…

Kaylied = drunk

…got kaylied th’other night…

Lather = upset or excited

…an’ got in such a lather…

Lommock = clumsy, lumbering

…ee’s such a big lommock."

Mucker = friend/mate

"Ar! Come on me old mucker…

Myther = mess around

…quit myterin’ an’ less ‘ed owt fer’a drink."


<< Some time later >>

Owamya? Ow bist? = How are you?

"Chesney!! Owamya?!"

Saft = stupid, daft

"Feelin’ a bit saft but am alright…

Tay = it isn’t

…but me leg tay what it was!

Wench = girl/ young woman

Waddya wenches doin’ out?..

Woa = won’t

...Yo woa find much to do out t’night."



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