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Our Actions

Staff across the University have worked hard in preparation to welcome students back to their studies. Still, the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic means that working and studying on-campus will be different this year. We remain committed to ensuring that students have the best learning experience possible, with the safety of our community at the heart of everything we do.

In preparation for the new term, there has been a focus on making sure all of our campuses are Covid-secure, and that we are prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any local or national public health issues that may occur. Our Road to Reopening @WLV outlines the phased reopening of our facilities and campuses in a managed, controlled and safe way. We are now moving into Phase 3, which includes a large number of buildings being open and the return of students.

The health and wellbeing of our students is very important, and we will monitor how our approach is working and make any adjustments that are needed to maintain safety.

The University continues to monitor the national situation regarding Covid-19 closely, we are in touch with other universities to ensure we are all sharing best practice and liaising with our local councils and public health regarding situations at a local level.

View the number of daily reported new cases for University staff and students here: Covid-19 Cases