What evidence is required?

Applications submitted without all relevant information/evidence will be automatically rejected

General FAQ's

All evidence needs to be uploaded during the application process before submitting an application. 

Make sure you have all the evidence ready BEFORE you apply so you can easily upload it during the application process.

To upload evidence later, go back to e:Vision:

  1. Click on My Finance button on the homepage of your e:Vision
  2. Click on Scholarships and Bursaries
  3. Click on the Apply or upload evidence for the Dennis Turner Hardship Fund button
  4. Click on the Upload evidence button
  5. Click next to the fund you are uploading for

This will take you to the upload page for that application.

You can save and exit at any point and can upload evidence separately using the Evidence Upload task where you applied on your e:Vision - this can also be used if more information is requested by the Funding Team but must be done within the time limit provided or your application will be rejected.  

If you leave the application at any time before clicking SUBMIT please make sure you go back and submit your application after uploading the evidence. 

To go back to complete your application go back to e:Vision:

  • Click on My Finance button on the homepage of your e:Vision
  • Click on Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Click on the Apply or upload evidence for the Dennis Turner Hardship Fund button
  • Then choose which fund you are applying for from the drop-down list.

Follow the instructions and you should see 2 buttons, click the one that says complete/continue application, making sure you have completed every relevant part and have all relevant evidence to hand (pdf or word doc) to upload when you get to that part 

Before completing the form make sure you have all relevant evidence ready to upload (pdf or word doc format only and under 2mb in file size) as you will need to upload these before you can submit your application.

Please note that it clearly shows a confirmation message upon submission and will send you a confirmation email to the email address registered on your e:Vision account.

Once successfully submitted you will see a confirmation message AND receive an email to the address you registered on your e:Vision account – if not then you have not submitted 

Once successfully submitted your application will normally be processed within 2 working weeks (excluding busy periods when this may go up to a minimum of 4) and you WILL receive a decision email. 

Please ensure you appropriately name any uploaded evidence.  For example, you have scanned something using our scanners on campus and it emails it to your university email address but the name is a long series of numbers (the first being your student number).  Once you have saved it you can RIGHT click the mouse button over it and select RENAME.  We would suggest that you put your student number followed by what it is ie 1234567 Tax credits or 1234567 tenancy.  This way which ever slot you use it is obvious what the evidence is. 

Where your bank statements are concerned, for example, if you bank online but cannot download your bank statements as a pdf, you should be able to choose to print them.  If you do this you should see a dialogue box that has a destination drop-down.  You should be able to choose save as pdf from there and then save as a pdf to upload directly to your application.  

Alternatively you can paste a picture/screenshot in a word document, save it, and then click Save as and choose the PDF option form the drop down box.  You just have to make sure that the final file size is 2mb or less. 

Please DO NOT upload anything that is not required, we only need the evidence that is listed and will contact you if further information is required. 

Please note, we DO NOT take into account: 

  • Credit card statements
  • Store cards
  • Utility bills (ie phone/gas/electricity/broadband/etc)
  • Any debts that you have accrued BEFORE you started your course
  • Personal lifestyle choices (leisure or non-essential spending)

Mandatory evidence

There are 3 pieces of evidence that everyone will need to provide.

We will need evidence of how you intend on funding yourself for this academic year, whether that is through Student Finance (UK/Home students), an employer or you are self-funding (International/EU).

Student Finance:

If you are receiving funding from Student Finance (UG/PG Masters - full-time or part-time) we will need your current Online Notification of Entitlement letter.

The Entitlement letter can easily be downloaded directly from your online account with them under Letters and Emails - click the link then download the pdf to save and then upload to your application.

NHS/SW/TA Bursary:

Like Student Finance you can log on to your BOSS account, download your current entitlement letter and then save it to upload directly to your account.


If you are being funded by your employer to attend University then we would require a formal letter (on letterheaded paper) confirming this.


If you are having to fund the course yourself, whether by choice or the nature of your course (are an Internatoinal/EU student, already have a degree/PG diploma) or because you are not eligible for funding this year, you will need to:-

  • provide evidence that you have made provision to pay your fees
  • provide evidence that you have made provision to cover basic living costs
The Dennis Turner cannot be applied for if you have not done this.  

If, after careful planning, it is evident that you cannot afford the course we will assume that you would rethink starting it until such time as you could.  If you did make reasonable provision but circumstances occurred that were beyond your control (since you became a student) that has meant this is no longer viable, then you may still be eligible for an award.

If it appears that you have not either a) applied for or b) be in receipt of the maximum amount available to you of any of the above you risk your application being automatically rejected


If you have a tenancy agreement we would only require the pages that clearly show your name, the address and the amount that you pay per week/month.  If you do not have a tenancy but are in receipt of housing benefits (which we will also require evidence of) you should find the DWP letter confirming your benefits will have your weekly rent on it so one upload will cover both.

Own home:

If you own your home then we would require a recent (within last 2 months) mortgage statement that clearly shows your name, the address and how much you pay.

Living with your parents/guardians:

If you pay board you will need to provide a signed letter from your parent/guardian stating your name, confirming your address and the amount you pay per week/month.

If you change your bank details after making your initial application you must IMMEDIATELY email the changes (Bank name, account number & sort code) to Money@wlv.ac.uk with your student number.

Failure to do so will result in a serious delay in any payments that may be due to you.

If you are successful, your award/instalments will be paid into the account stated on your application form.  Further instalments may be subject to you seeking advice from the Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) of the Students' Union or Citizens' Advice Bureau.

Bank statements:

We require 3 most recent months’ worth of bank statements for each and every account you (and your partner if applicable) hold including any savings/ISAs/Credit Union/Post Office/Bitcoin accounts you may have.

Please note: We do not accept credit cards or store card statements

You MUST explain any credit or debit transactions of £100+ that appear on these statements that are not self-explanatory, for example cash deposits or withdrawals of £100+.

We specifically look for:-

  • Account where your Student Funding is paid into
  • Account where your award (if successful) is to be paid into
  • Partner's account/s (if applicable)
  • Account where wages are paid into
  • Account where Child Benefit and Universal Credit is paid into
  • Any other accounts you or your partner hold such as Savings, ISA, Credit Union, Post Office, Bitcoin, etc.

Mini statements are NOT acceptable.

All statements must be consecutive and recent, show your name, bank details, transactions and bank balance.

Applications submitted without relevant bank statements will be rejected.

Online banking:

If you bank online you should be able to download or export your statements as a pdf.  If your bank does not offer this then you can create a printable version instead.  Just click print and then it will say something like "open in print dialogue box" - at that point you should be able to save it as a pdf without actually printing by changing the destination from the drop-down box.  Choose save as PDF and save it somewhere ready to upload to your application.

Alternatively you can paste pictures/screenshots in a word document (as long as all pertinent information as requested above can be clearly seen), save it, and then click Save as and choose the PDF option from the drop down box.  You just have to make sure that the final file size is 2mb or less.

Additional evidence

This is evidence that you need to supply only if it is applicable to you (eg you have children or a partner)

Universal Credit

Just like Student Finance you can log in to your online account and download evidence of your entitlement.

Formal childcare:

We do require 2 to 3 months' worth of childcare evidence.  If you ask your provider they should be able to supply a statement of account.  We need your name, name of child/ren on official letterheaded paper with a breakdown of costs.  This must clearly include what days and how much per week/month you have been charged.

Informal childcare:

We do require a signed letter from whoever helps you with this informal childcare.  It needs to state their name, your name, your child/ren's name/s, when they have them and how much per week/month you pay them


If working - we require 3 most recent months' worth of payslips for your partner

If a student - we require their current Notification of Entitlement letter (please see above for instructions) 

If on benefits - we require most recent notification letter from the DWP

Bank statements:

We require 3 most recent months’ worth of bank statements for each and every account your partner holds including any savings/ISAs/Credit Union/Post Office accounts.

Housing/ council tax/ JSA / DLA / EESA etc:

We do require evidence of any income you receive from benefits. The most recent letter from DWP which clearly states your name, what benefit it is and how much per week/month you receive.

Evidence of any significant change in circumstances that has affected you financially.  For example, International students will need to provide evidence to show why their sponsorship has ceased. 

Anything else that you feel is relevant:

If there is any other evidence you feel may be relevant but that we haven't specifically asked for then you can also upload it.  We would suggest that you put this into one document as you do have limited upload slots.

You can only upload:

Please DO NOT upload anything that is not required, we only need the evidence that is listed and will contact you if further information is needed.

DO NOT upload evidence more than once.  We have to go through every piece of evidence individually and this will extend the processing times to your detriment.

If we do require further evidence, once you have uploaded via the upload task on e:Vision (same place as you apply), email money@wlv.ac.uk stating that you have now done this.  Make sure you clearly put your student number in the subject line. 

We will not be able to move forward with your application until this has been done.