Timetable FAQs

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to work differently, and everyone's safety is at the heart of what we do. These are exceptional circumstances, and our key priority has to be the safety of students and staff on campus. This means managing room capacities and the number of people on our campuses to ensure we can comply with Track and Trace requirements. Given the current situation, accuracy in our timetables is also more critical than ever before.

Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, your timetable may be subject to change, so you should regularly check for updates. Please ensure that you have provided us with an up to date mobile number so that you can receive timetable change notifications by SMS.

Timetabling FAQs

It is essential that you consult your personal timetable in the MyWLV app, and only attend the sessions for which you are scheduled. Once you have logged in, you should select the ‘calendar’ tile.

You must also have fully completed your enrolment and module registration to access your personal timetable and on-campus teaching. This is to ensure the safety of our University community.

You can find information about your course induction in the WLV Welcome Canvas topic.

We recognise that it may not be possible for everyone to return to campus. Some students may also need to self-isolate for periods of time.

Our blended learning approach will allow you to continue to access recorded lectures, virtual activities and course materials through Canvas. You will also be able to book one-to-one appointments with your personal tutor, and access student support online. There are some programmes where it will not be possible to study wholly online.

Anyone who experiences coronavirus symptoms or has received a positive test result must not come on to campus or must leave campus immediately, avoid touching anything and return to their home or residence.

You should call 119 or visit gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test to arrange a free NHS test.

Email: Covid-19help@wlv.ac.uk and provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Student Number/Department
  • Contact Telephone Number

Complete the online reporting form. 

Contact your personal tutor to inform them that you are self-isolating. 

Email: Covid-19help@wlv.ac.uk with the result of your test as soon as possible.

Return to campus when:

Your test comes back negative or if you have not had a test, a period of 10 days has passed since the symptoms started and you feel well.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to work differently, and everyone's safety is at the heart of what we do. We will meet the requirements for social distancing on our campuses in the new academic year, and to achieve this; we are teaching our courses using blended learning.

Blended learning involves studying using a mix of recorded lectures, virtual learning resources, interactive activities and face-to-face teaching on campus and online. 

Students will be able to access their learning resources through Canvas, which is the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). On-campus activities will include seminars, group discussions and practical activities, for example, labs and performances. 

Find out more in our Road to Reopening - Learning and Teaching FAQs. 

There are three main components to blended learning; online learning materials, streamed online content (e.g. lectures) and scheduled face-to-face learning. Only the scheduled face-to-face sessions appear on the timetable (online and on-campus), so the number of hours in your personal timetable will appear to be fewer than usual.

All large group lectures will be recorded and released online through Canvas for you to access at a time that works best for you. These recorded materials will be accessed through Canvas, which is the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and not appear in your timetable.

Face-to-face learning, which includes online and on-campus activities, will be included in your timetable. This may consist of online seminars, on-campus practical classes and group discussions.

Before students return to campus for teaching, they should review our guidelines for safety on campus, which set-out our requirements for staff and students when using teaching and study spaces.

While large group lectures will not be formally timetabled, each module will have scheduled learning activities so that you will progress through your studies on a week-to-week basis.

Any synchronous learning (takes place at a specified time so that participants can join it live) will be in your timetable, including both online and face-to-face learning.

Any large group lectures will be recorded and released online through Canvas for you to access at a time that works best for you. Students will be encouraged to ensure they have accessed any recorded materials before attending the related on-campus seminar, workshop or practical class. You’ll receive more information about this from your course team.

You can use the interactive map of our campuses to help locate a building. You can also find more information about the rooms here: www.wlv.ac.uk/rooms

All new and returning students are required to enrol at the start of each academic year. This year you can do this online before arriving on campus. Enrolment will allow you to:

  • Check and update your details (like your address, contact numbers and email address).
  • Ensure continued access to University services, facilities and Canvas.
  • Retain access to your supervisors, academic and administrative staff.
  • Review and agree to our on-campus safety guidelines.

Enrolment instructions

For continuing students, once you have obtained enough credits to progress on to your next year of study, you will be notified that enrolment and module registration is open for you in e:Vision.

You must complete both tasks as soon as possible so that we can prepare your personalised timetable ahead of the new academic year.

You will need to log in to your e:Vision and select the ‘Enrolment’ button on the home page. From here you’ll be able to upload your ID photo, add your personal details and tell us how you’re funding your studies. Once you have completed the Personal Details, Education and Fees sections, you’ll then be able to move on to Module Registration. Before your enrolment is complete, you will need to upload your photo ID and complete the Confirmation task.

You can find further instructions, including a step-by-step video guide on how to enrol here: wlv.ac.uk/enrol-online

Please ensure you have provided an up to date UK mobile number so that we can send you timetable notifications by SMS should there be any changes. You should also check your personal timetable regularly in the myWL app. For example, sessions may need to be moved online at short notice.

To support the welfare of all our students, it is essential that your contact details are always kept up to date. Please ensure that where you are living now (even if this is only temporarily) is recorded in your Term Time address (this may, or may not be, the same as your permanent home address). 

To do this, please use the edit buttons found on the 'My Details' section on eVision 

For some courses/modules, students are still being fitted to their teaching groups, so full timetables might not yet be visible - please bear with us and keep checking your MyWLV app.

If two modules are clashing we will be in the process of speaking with your faculty to resolve this. Please keep checking for updates.

If your module has multiple sessions which are clashing, we are in the process of student fitting your timetable into specific groups which will resolve this. Please keep checking for updates.

Please use this link for advice and guidance accessing myWLV

If you can’t see a module timetable via MyWlv, this may be a result of you being in the process of being fitted to a specific group. We recommend visiting the online timetable to view the full timetable to get an idea of days/times the module is running. Your personalised timetable will appear via MyWlv once fully fitted to groups.

If no timetable appears on the online timetable, please log a helpdesk to your faculty for further assistance. 

We are in the process of student fitting, please keep checking for updates.

Road to Reopening

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