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Continuing Pharmacy collaboration in Indonesia

Continuing Pharmacy collaboration in Indonesia

Pharmacy School academics Dr Hana Morrissey (Reader) and Professor Patrick Ball returned in September to Universitas Islam Indonesia (UUI) in Yogyakarta to continue the relationship built up over 5 years.

This relationship has produced two PhDs, ongoing research projects and is now also providing experiential learning opportunities for students. One Wolverhampton student has already undertaken her 4th year project at UUI and it is planned that the Head of the Pharmacy School and two students from UII will visit this University later this year.

In addition to complete PhDs, the relationship has produced 8 published papers and a number of conference posters.


Hana said: "The main purpose of this relationship is research, but it is recognised that English is the international language of pharmacy, so the school always takes the opportunity to provide an all school (staff and students) interactive session to develop their skills in speaking English, this year it was on pharmacists' involvement in public health. 

"Dr Morrissey and Prof Ball always look forward to these sessions as the students enthusiastically take part, and workshop activities and feedback using posters and presentations demonstrate the learning achieved. Exceptional contributions are rewarded with British chocolate and UK souvenirs."

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