Research Development

Research Development

What is it?

Research Development

Research development encompasses a broad spectrum of strategic, capability, and capacity building activities to hone research competitiveness of the University in an increasingly competitive grant funding landscape.

The Research Development Managers are a small specialist team within Research Services, a resource that  can be drawn on to support strategic planning for research centres and institutes and help push research forward. They work with researchers across the University to guide them through idea creation, project formulation, grant application preparation, and tailored training workshops. The team supports the growth of a strong research culture, facilitating collaboration within University, and developing strong relationships with funders, academics and partners, catalysing and coordinating activity to prepare and spearhead strategic initiatives at the institutional level.


Research Culture

  • Building capability and capacity to transition toward research independence (particularly ECRs)
  • Bespoke workshops on enhancing skills (particularly grantsmanship), request here,
  • Supporting and facilitating our researchers to build bridges and work beyond their boundaries


  • Translate research strategy into Centre and Personal Grant Bidding Plans
  • Establish and enhance research centre identity and branding

Liaison and Networking


Facilitate dialogue with key UK research organisations, funders, and networks such as:

  • Academy of Medical Science
  • InnovateUK
  • NIHR
  • WMCU
  • WM Clinical Research Network
  • WM Research Design Services
  • Wolverhampton City Council

Coordinate and arrange activities to connect researchers with external partners, other research organisations and the non-academic sector

Pre-competition Initiatives

  • Development of the Funding Peer Review College structure and functions
  • Facilitate the mentoring of new and aspiring Peer Reviewers
  • Design and deliver workshops, clinics, and events

  • Project ideation and research team building
  • Realisation of concepts; translation into practical actions
  • Support experts to engage with key societal challenges and thematic areas of Digitalisation, Green Economy and Sustainability, Equality Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Wellbeing