Midlands Credit Compass

If you are considering leaving your studies, or wish to transfer to another university, this scheme can help you consider your options.

We understand that you may have to interrupt your studies due to a change in personal circumstances or possibly even a change in location.

If you have passed some credits with the University of Wolverhampton, but can’t continue with your studies right now, you should remember that if you wish to pick up your studies again in the future, you can apply to transfer those credits to study at another institution anywhere in the UK or bring them back to us.

The University of Wolverhampton will issue you with an academic transcript showing the credits you have achieved with us; this is a verified record of your credit achievements that you can present to any university as evidence of your prior certificated learning.

Credit Where Credit’s Due

If you are remaining within the Midlands, the University has a partnership with a number of other universities called the Midlands Credit Compass, which is designed to assist students who need to leave their studies, to return back into education when and where they can.

The Midlands Credit Compass Universities are: Birmingham City, Coventry, Derby, Lincoln, Nottingham Trent, and Wolverhampton.

The aim of the Midlands Credit Compass is to support students to transfer between the Midlands Enterprise Universities and to make them aware of opportunities and processes for transferring academic credit. As part of the service we provide through this scheme, we will:

  • Provide you with a named key contact at the university you would like to transfer to
  • Respond to your initial enquiry within five working days
  • Support you through the application process
  • Support your application to transfer for up to five years from the time you left your previous studies.

Further details of the Midlands Credit Compass scheme are available online at their website.

Full details are sent out by the University of Wolverhampton to all students who withdraw from their studies having achieved credits but without having achieved their target award, along with their academic transcript.

What is ‘Credit’ and how is it used?

When you have successfully completed a module at university, you receive a number of credits for that part of your studies.  These can be used (in full or in part) when you transfer to a different course and/or a different university, so that you do not have to repeat the same area of study.

Transferring to the University of Wolverhampton

If you are interested in applying to transfer credit to continue your studies at the University of Wolverhampton via this scheme, please email admissions@wlv.ac.uk with the following information, and we will respond to you within five working days:

  • ‘Midlands Credit Compass’ in the subject line
  • A photo or digital version of your university transcript, or third party access to your HEAR
  • The name of course you wish to study
  • Your name, address and telephone number.

Please note you do not have to have studied at a Midlands university to apply to transfer your credits.

Please contact admissions@wlv.ac.uk for information about wider credit transfer arrangements.