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Welcome to the University of Wolverhampton's Policy Hub where you will find all University Policy documents.

The repository provides access to the University's documents, including polices, procedures and guidance notes. You can search or filter for a particular document using the options below. 

The University of Wolverhampton operates within a framework of regulations, policies, and procedures to meet statutory requirements for UK universities.

These ensure we follow best practice and meet our legal requirements in a range of key areas. Other documents also form important elements of our Governance regime and relate to many and varied aspects of our University business, including academic, research, employment, finance and student support and services.

The University Policy Framework, available below, ensures the University has consistent standards for the development, approval, publication, communication and review of its governance documentation. The framework defines the categories of the policy and outlines the hierarchy of such document.

Policy Regulation Framework

The Policy Regulation Guidance details the production, approval and management process of all policies available below. This guidance has been produced by the University.

All published policies will be held electronically and accessed through the University’s website. 

Policy Regulation Guidance

The following template is intended to serve as a guide for the development of University of Wolverhampton Policies. This template is must be used as the basis for all University Policies, Procedures and Regulations. 

Policy and Procedure Template

A PPM01 Form (found within the Policy Guidance at Appendix A) should be used to initiate, review or delete a policy. All new policies will be approved (or rejected) and tracked using this guidance. 

Form PPM01 - Policy Approval and Authorisation Audit


The policy will also be subject to an Equalities Impact Assessment at formation and review stage.

Equalities Impact Assessment Guidance


To complete a DPIA please contact


Queries about policies, procedures or guidance themselves should be addressed directly to the author, where known. 

General queries relating to policies should be addressed to:

Click here for the Compliance Team contact details