LGBTQ+ Staff Network

About Us

The University of Wolverhampton LGBT Staff Network is open to university staff of all identities. Founded in 2005, the LGBT Staff Network has been promoting an inclusive campus environment at Wolverhampton for over a decade. The role of the LGBT Staff Network has also expanded from organising social activities to steering institutional policy change and community engagement with wider LGBT communities and other universities. This is made possible by a milestone in 2014 when the University formalised the officer roles of the three Staff Networks as corporate positions. The core activities of the LGBT Staff Network include: 
  • Providing support, information and advice on LGBT issues or related queries to all staff
  • Delivering a confidential channel for reporting discrimination or harassment in relation to sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Reverse mentoring senior management on LGBT equality & diversity initiatives
  • Developing all staff through training sponsorship and delivering LGBT awareness workshops
  • Coordinating LGBT awareness events and campaigns, such as LGBT History Month, IDAHOT, Gay Prides, etc.
  • Liaising with other LGBT community groups, student societies and staff networks within the campus and beyond
  • Supporting the University’s submission to Stonewall Workplace Equality Index 
If you would like to join our mailing list or want to connect with us, please contact us by email anytime on

Meet the Staff Network Officers 

Co-Chair of LGBT+ Staff Network

Sarah Slater and Martin Evans

Sarah and Martin split the network duties between them, with Sarah looking after staff welfare issues, support and liaising with HR and EDU to make sure that LGBT+ issues are equally represented and supported at the University, while Martin will work on external/internal activities that raise the profile of LGBT+ issues and representation in conjunction with MAC and EDU. Martin & Sarah work with the vice chairs, agreeing activities that reduce overlap, and instead provide a broader role for the network, with a drive to grow the membership, and ease communication.

With Sarah from an Academic role, and Martin an APTC role, they are working to grow the network whilst continuing to support internal and external activities such as LGBT+ History Month, Trans Day of Remembrance and other events raised as interest by the members of the network. Both Sarah & Martin have previously been chairs of the network and are both keen to see that staff issues are resolved and acted upon in a professional and supportive way.

Vice Chair 

James Lovelock 
I have worked on the Walsall campus at the University of Wolverhampton since 2014 and I have been involved in several staff-student initiatives within the School of Performing Arts.  I recently joined the LGBTStaff Network and want to work with the group to develop a space for LGBTstaff to meet and support each other.  I am particularly interested in continuing to diversity LGBT+ History Month and Pride Month events through my links with the Performing Arts industry.  I am currently working with Trans Voices Cabaret, Ring of Keys and Blacktress as part of the research for my forthcoming book, and it would be great to involve some West Midlands alumni in our future events.  I am interested in establishing a staff-student research cluster as part of my role as well as contributing to the University's Stonewall initiatives.