British Art Show 9, Wolverhampton School of Art, George Wallis Building, University of Wolverhampton

British Art Show 9

22 January - 10 April 2022

BAS9 is recognised as the most important and ambitious recurrent exhibition of contemporary art produced in the UK. Taking place every five years it brings the work of artists defining new directions in contemporary art to four UK cities. This is the first time Wolverhampton has been chosen to host the show.

Over 40 artists will be exhibiting in Wolverhampton selected by independent curators: Irene Aristizábal and Hammad Nasar. Our curators met 230 artists in 23 cities before making their final selection.

The exhibition includes film, photography, painting, sculpture, and performance, as well as multimedia projects that don’t sit easily in any one category.

Sin Wai Kin, A Dream of Wholeness in Parts (still)

Sin Wai Kin, A Dream of Wholeness in Parts (still), 2021 © the artist. Courtesy the artist, Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei and Soft Opening, London. Produced by Chi-Wen Productions.

Wolverhampton School of Art

George Wallis Building (MK)
Molineux St,

Entry to the exhibitions is FREE and it is open every day until 10th April

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday: 10:30am - 4:30pm | Sunday: 11am - 4pm

To contact the BAS9 team working in the School of Art please call: 07811 522657

Members of the public are free to enter at any time during the show's opening hours. We advise College and University Groups to book to get the fullest experience of the show.

Under 16 groups (schools, social clubs, etc) must book in advance or they will not be able to access to exhibit at the School of Art due to health and safety policy.

Any groups wishing to book please contact James Adamson at

We are thrilled to be hosting the second leg of British Art Show 9 in Wolverhampton. We are looking forward to welcoming many visitors to the iconic Wolverhampton School of Art.

Maggie Ayliffe, Head of the School of Art

The prestigious exhibition will generate enormous benefits for the region, not just for the local economy, but for its contribution to the local art community and creative industries across the West Midlands.

Councillor Stephen Simkins, Cabinet Member for City Economy

We hope the extraordinary range and variety of outstanding work in BAS9 will give everyone who lives and visits Wolverhampton an opportunity to engage with the most exciting contemporary art being produced in the UK today.

Brian Cass, Senior Curator, Hayward Gallery Touring

We are thrilled to present the second iteration of BAS9 in Wolverhampton, where we focus on an intersectional approach to living with difference.

Hammad Nasar and Irene Aristizábal, Curators of British Art Show 9

British Art Show 9 (BAS9)

Over the course of the free exhibition each venue will be hosting events as well as working with creative partners and schools, colleges, and community groups to get them involved with the biggest touring exhibition of contemporary art in the UK.

In Wolverhampton, the exhibition will focus on how we live with and give voice to difference, showcasing artists whose works investigate identity from an intersectional perspective.

The list of artists features:

  • Jamie Crewe – multi-media installation
  • Sean Edwards – Quilts
  • Mandy El-Sayegh – installation
  • Mark Essen – School of the Underkraft/ workshop
  • Laurence Lek – multi media installation
  • Elaine Mitchener – Installation
  • Oscar Murillo – painting/installation
  • Hardeep Pandhal - film
  • Abigail Reynolds – glass sculpture
  • Margaret Salmon – photography
  • Caroline Walker – Painting
  • Rehana Zaman – installation

We can’t wait for the conversation to begin in Wolverhampton.

More information available at:

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British Art Show 9 Comes to Wolverhampton

Maggie Ayliffe, Head of the University of Wolverhampton School of Art, and Marguerite Nugent, Manager: Arts and Culture at City of Wolverhampton Council Wolverhampton Art Gallery, talk about the benefits of bringing British Art Show 9 (BAS9) to Wolverhampton.

Maggie Ayliffe, Head of the School of Art, said: “We are thrilled to be hosting the second leg of British Art Show 9 in Wolverhampton. We are looking forward to welcoming many visitors to the iconic Wolverhampton School of Art. There will be a wealth of opportunities for new audiences, students, school children and the artist community to come and engage with some of the most exciting contemporary art being produced in the UK today."

Show Guide

Take a look at the British Art show digital Guide, for infomration about the artists in the show. Printed versions are available when visiting the show.

Film Programme

The Film Programme features a selection of artist films, allowing expanded connections with the works presented in the galleries.

Running 11.00am - 4.00pm Monday - Sunday

  • Oliver Beer – Composition for Mouths
  • James Bridle – se ti sabir
  • Jamie Crewe – rural horror film
  • Beatrice Gibson – I hope I’m loud when I’m dead
  • Patrick Goddard – Animal Antics
  • Hetain Patel – Don’t Look at the Finger
  • Joanna Piotrowska – Animal Enrichment
  • Marianna Simnett – The Needle and the Larynx
  • Sin Wai Kin – A dream of Wholeness
  • Alberta Whittle – What is a better life
  • Rehana Zamen – Tell me the story Of all these things

More information available at:

BAS9 Ambassadors

Top row, left to right: Kathryn O’Connor, Georgia Goodman, Amarjit Nar Bottom row, left to right: Kate Penman, Alex Vann, Wolverhampton Business Improvement District, The Way

BAS9 Ambassadors

BAS9 Ambassadors are representatives from the local community in each City of the British Art Show 9 tour. Our Ambassadors in each City will be working with gallery staff and the BAS9 team to be part of the British Art Show 9 experience. They will help to promote the exhibition to friends, family and their wider community building new relationships in each city.

Wolverhampton BAS9 Ambassadors:
  • Kathryn O’Connor – BAS9 LGBTQ+ Ambassador
  • The Good Shepherd – (Kate Penman)
  • Georgia Goodman – installation Student
  • Amarjit Nar
  • Alex Vann
  • The Way
  • The Wolverhampton Business Improvement District (BID)

Kathryn O’Connor

BAS9 LGBTQ+ Ambassador

Kathryn O’Connor is a genderfluid gay artist with many strings to her bow. Kathryn’s ethos is to promote equality and diversity in society through working and engaging with all ages, ethnicities, and identities, including LGBTQ+, abilities (disabilities/mental health) and helping to bring people together through shared projects.

Kathryn saw the LGBTQ+ Ambassador role as a great opportunity to help make a difference and engage new people in contemporary art, especially those who feel art ‘isn’t for them’.

The Good Shepherd

Kate Penman

Kate is one of the project workers at @gsm_wolves, helping to run activities and co-ordinate creative projects alongside the city’s arts community. She has been involved in large scale community projects for the last ten years and is particularly interested in showcasing the work of people who historically have not had the opportunity to share their stories and talents.

Kate co-edits the arts and social action magazine, Collectivism, which aims to highlight social issues and the collective grassroots work going on in the city, featuring art and photography by local Wolverhampton artists.

The Good Shepherd were established by the Brothers of St John of God and have been supporting the local community for 50 years, making people feel valued and heard.

Georgia Goodman

BAS9 Ambassador

Georgia Goodman (@impalahorns) is a first-year illustration student here with us at WSoA. She is heavily influenced by macabre/memento mori imagery, and vintage items which she collects on her travels, as well as industrial, working-class environments, similar to areas where she grew up.

Georgia would like to break down barriers with her artwork and question the elitist side of the art industry. Her heavily tattooed appearance and difficulties she faces with Autism have subjected her to many judgements from passers-by. She feels that it is important to express that a person isn’t defined by their appearance, social status, disabilities, health conditions, race, sexuality, beliefs or gender identities.

More information about BAS9 Ambassadors available at:

Helen Cammock

A renowned artist has visited the University of Wolverhampton School of Art in preparation for starting work on her installation for the British Art Show 9 (BAS9) which is opening in Wolverhampton in January 2022.

Helen Cammock, who was born in Staffordshire, works across film, photography, print, text and performance and is one of the artists taking part in the exhibition. In her forthcoming exhibit for BAS9, Changing Room II (2021), Helen will be exploring work made by her Jamaican-born father who was an amateur ceramicist, magistrate and an art teacher in Wolverhampton. She will re-create ceramic objects that he made in the 1960s, along with a new banner work, to form a multimedia installation that will be presented across both the Wolverhampton Art Gallery and University of Wolverhampton School of Art.

Helen was shortlisted for the 2019 Turner Prize and was awarded the prize along with the other three nominees. She was also awarded the Max Mara Art Prize for Women in 2018. She has exhibited her work in London, Dublin, Cambridge, Beirut, Berlin and Venice and has had articles published in Frieze Magazine and the British Journal of Photography.

About our School of Art

Wolverhampton School of Art has been at the centre of the City's creative and industrial strategy since the 1850's when our first purpose-built art school was commissioned. Our current home was formally opened to students in October 1970 - 50 years ago. Charles Wheeler's brave and iconic architecture has dominated the Wolverhampton skyline ever since.

Wolverhampton School of Art

Students on our Art, Design and Screen based courses join a creative, practice led community in which they find the time, space and resources to gain high level skills as makers and learn to understand the historical and contemporary scope of their subject.  Socially engaged and community arts practice is core to our history and vision and the Wolverhampton School of Art has a long tradition of working with industry, civic and community partners. We embrace a diverse student body and aim to provide targeted and public access opportunities through an outreach programme that includes school/college experience days, the annual Artsfest and degree shows, exhibitions, conferences and public lectures.


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22 January to 10 April

Wolverhampton School of Art

Molineux St,

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday
10:30AM - 4:30PM

11.00AM - 4:00PM


Wolverhampton Shool of Art is located on the edge of the city's ring road, a short distance from the city centre. It is a 12 minute walk from the train station11 minutes from St Georges Metro terminus, and a 9 minute walk from the bus station.