Your Responsibilities

The University has a number of responsibilities to check your documentation and assess whether you are a genuine student before agreeing to sponsor your Tier 4 student visa.  This is done throughout the admissions process.

As a genuine student applying to study in the UK, you also have a number of responsibilities at the stage of applying for a visa.  These are -

  • Research the visa application process so that you understand fully what is required by the visa application process
  • Ensure you meet the requirements so that you can claim the 40 points required for a successful visa application (30 points for your CAS number and supporting documents and 10 points for meeting the maintenance requirement)
  • Ensure you attend your visa interview appointment and have done sufficient research to answer the questions you may be asked about your course and your reasons for choosing Wolverhampton
  • Request your CAS number and submit your visa application in plenty of time to ensure you will be able to travel to the UK and start your course on your start date
  • Ensure you have read the University’s refund policy and understood the implications
  • Ensure you have read the University’s and understood the implications
  • Inform the University of the result of your visa application as soon as you receive the decision

Visa application process 

Further information about the visa application process, points requirements and visa interviews can be found on our How to Apply webpages and also the UKVI webpages.  You must read these carefully to ensure you understand the process and requirements fully. 

CAS Request Deadline Dates and Visa Priority Services

The CAS request deadline is available from admissions

After this date, the University considers that you will be too late to gain a visa for the start of your course and strongly advises you to contact the Admissions Unit for advice about deferring your application to the next intake to ensure you have sufficient time to gain your visa and travel to the UK.   Visa applications will be refused if they are submitted with insufficient time for you to start your course.  The University will not extend your latest start date.  

Some countries offer a visa priority service which, at an additional cost, means your visa application will be processed in a shorter period of time and therefore you may still have time to start your course.  Further details about visa application processing times can be found on the UKVI webpages.  

If you choose to do this, you must confirm that you will only use your CAS number for a priority visa application.  If you use the normal application process and you arrive too late to start your course or your visa is refused, you will not be allowed to start your course and you will not be eligible for a deposit refund or be allowed to defer your application or reapply in the future. 

Refund and Visa Refusal policies

You will be asked to confirm you have read and understood both the Refund and Visa Refusal policies as part as the CAS request process.

International students will normally be required to pay a deposit, which is refundable except in the following circumstances:

  • Where a student has provided fraudulent documentation or statements to the university or the UKVI
  • Where a student receives a visa, travels to the UK but does not enrol with the university

Visa refusals will be considered on an individual basis by the university Compliance Unit, and applicants will only be able to receive a second CAS statement in certain circumstances. Please see our Visa Refusal Policy

Refunds will be made in accordance with our refund policy, which can be found in the Fee Liability, Refunds and Debtor Policy document.  

Visa Application Result

When you receive your visa, you must check that you have been given a Tier 4 student visa, not a ‘student visitor’ or any other category of visa. You should also check your visa shows the University of Wolverhampton Sponsor Licence Number (available on your CAS statement) and the validity is correct. If you think there may be a mistake on your visa you should contact the Visa & Immigration Support Officer as early as possible.

You must inform the University of the outcome of your visa application as soon as you receive the decision.  If your visa application is unsuccessful, you must provide a full copy of the visa refusal so your record can be updated and we can consider your option.