Access to IT Facilities for all University staff and visitors

In order for new members of staff to access the University's digital workplace (systems, services, software and support), they will need an IT Account.

All members of staff who join the University as part of the HR recruitment process will be issued with their IT account via an electronic process as part of their contract. HR and Digital Services will liaise with the new member of staff using their personal email address used throughout the recruitment process. For any queries about this process please contact the HR Support team on ext. 1351 or email

For external staff and temporary visitors, please take a look at the sections below, but it is important to know that any visitors who need to connect their personal devices to the internet will need to do so using the guest wifi network. If guests to the University need to use the AV kit (the large display screen) their sponsor at the University will need to organise temporary log-in credentials using the process below.

This process will apply to anyone who is working for, or on behalf of the University, but is not being paid via University payroll. The process is electronic and requires an online application form to be completed by a University member of staff who will act as the sponsor for this account. External accounts are intended for those who do not qualify for a full staff account and will have restricted access. These accounts are issued for a maximum period of 12 months and are not automatically issued with a University email address. Please request this type of account using the following link:

External User Account Application

Application for Temporary/Visitor Accounts (also known as 'batch' accounts)

Temporary visitor accounts should be applied for by a member of staff (the University sponsor) by filling in the  Application for Temporary Account form which must be signed and submitted to

  • These accounts are issued on a short term basis for visitors to the University such as visiting students.  
  • Please specify on the form if the user/s are under 18 years of age. 
  • By submitting a request you agree to be recorded as the responsible member of staff for the account. The responsibility may require you to actively manage both the account and user should a breach of the ICT Acceptable Use Policy occur. The member of staff completing the form should ensure a physical signature is provided which demonstrates acceptance of the T&Cs for acceptable use.
  • The accounts are deleted on the expiry date specified on the form.

Please note: visitor accounts do not provide an email address or personal storage space. Once the account is deleted, all information will be lost.

Visit the Guest wireless network page for instructions on how to connect.